Falling Wall Lab Mongolia’s winner will participate in the competition to be held in Berlin

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Federal Republic of Germany, the 70th anniversary of the” Berliner Luftbrücke” and the 30th anniversary of the “Fall of the Wall – Germany”, 10th anniversary of The Falling Walls Association we organized the Falling Walls Lab Mongolia first time on 4th October 2019 at the Conference Hall, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mongolia.

Falling Wall Lab Mongolia is a unique competition for participants in the three minutes of innovation and research. In this contest, young Mongolian researchers have competed in many different ways. Participants of various sectors attended in the forum with their creative ideas such as environmental and water pollution, new technology, using data of business sector companies, and improved the quality of construction materials.

The lecturer of Environmental & Natural Resource management at GMIT Uuganbaatar Zulkhuu won the first prize “Breaking the Wall of Wind and Mind”. The head of Regulatory Sciences Department of Cardinal Health International Philippines Emmanuel Damian won the 2nd prize “Breaking the Wall of Fast Fashion” and Nyamdulam Renten received 3rd prize with “Breaking the Wall of Light Emission” Falling Walls Labs take place globally throughout the year. The winner of each international Falling Walls Lab qualifies for the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin, which is held every year on 8 November and is closely connected to the annual and internationally renowned Falling Walls Conference. At the Conference, 20 world-class scientists from across the globe present their current breakthrough research in an effort to answer the question: “Which are the next walls to fall?”

The Falling Walls Lab Mongolia is hosted by German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology - GMIT and organized by Cultural Envoy of Mongolia Mrs. Oyuntuya Oyunjargal in cooperation with Arts&Media Project Management&Consulting (AMPMC) and GMIT. The official partner is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Mongolia. Mongolian Economy and Business.MN are cooperated as a medien partner.

The winner of the local Lab gets to travel to Berlin, Germany and compete in the Falling Walls Lab Finale. The winners of the Finale get to speak once more on the grand stage of the Falling Walls Conference and receive a cash prize. Travel and accommodation from 7-9 November are included for all finalists. All Finale participants also receive a ticket for the Falling Walls Conference.