Business Cooperation

GMIT Industrial Partnerships program promotes the development and commercialization of products and processes through industry/university research partnerships. Projects are initiated by the companies to meet their own research and development goals. Through our program, Mongolian companies have the opportunity to leverage their research and development funds and gain access to the creative talents and extensive research base of the German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology. 

Our core principle is, to set up a vital link between education, research and industry in order to educate highly qualified technology experts with skills, which are needed by employers, and to advance research and innovation for the benefit of society. Universities founded on this context excel and are linked to strong economies and rising standards of living. This is achieved through innovation in teaching and learning, in‐company programs, industry designed courses, and placement and internships for students. By following this approach and the philosophy of engineering education through application-oriented learning, teaching and research, GMIT is unique in Mongolia.

Opportunities for cooperation:
The landscape of collaboration between GMIT and industry consists of a wide variety of domains where there is real expertise and strength, often of a highly specialist kind. These domains are wide ranging:
  • Future‐oriented research in advanced technologies, to in‐house up-skilling of employees;
  • University science facilities and laboratory development, to support for entrepreneurial research students finding their way in the business world;
  • Providing progression routes to higher‐level apprenticeships, to enhancing the skills of post-doctoral staff for their transition into the business world;
  • Improving enterprise skills amongst our undergraduates, to enabling small companies to recognize the value of employing a first graduate;
  • Supporting spin‐out companies from research teams, to helping government agencies attract major.
Benefits for Mongolian society and economy: 
  • Accelerating innovation in Mongolia and creating the foundation for new technologies and products;
  • Growing Mongolia‘s skilled workforce and creating the foundation for new jobs in Mongolia;
  • Increasing competitiveness of Mongolian companies, particularly to attract greater investments and retain jobs in Mongolia;
  • Establishing the foundation for creating new Mongolian companies;
  • Identifying new solutions to critical Mongolian challenges and problems.
Benefits for GMIT and its students:
  • Studying close to reality: The needs of industry and society are considered, e.g. within study projects;
  • GMIT’s students gain comprehensive practical experiences through extensive internships already within their studies;
  • Through mentoring students know the expectations of their future employees;
  • Realization of state-of-the-art research projects, which are meaningful for Mongolia’s economy and society. 
Since its foundation GMIT is closely cooperating with industry and business enterprises. We always have the mutual benefits in mind.

Our Engagement Principles:
1. Respect values: The needs of the business needs to be aligned with the mission and strategy of the university.
2. Value transparent setting: Match time scales and capacities of the university and business needs.
3. Match capabilities: Align university skill set or the facilities to meet the needs of the business.
4. Minimize bureaucracy and funding delays: GMIT strives for an efficient project - and work flow to meet the timescale of the business needs.
5. Minimize financial constraints: GMIT provides the service required for the price the company is willing to pay.
6. Ensure sustainability: The investment required by the university to provide the service has an acceptable payback period.
7. Match expectations and objectives: Expectations of outcomes from collaboration are mutually recognized.
8. Set clear lines: Agree on the future of the intellectual property that may be generated through effective negotiations.
9. Emphasize constructive collaboration: Avoid conflicting views on the management of indemnities and liabilities between prospective partners.

Partner companies:
Essential partners for the implementation of practice-orientation in education and of applied research at GMIT are Mongolian companies, especially in Mining and downstream industries, which will, in most likelihood, be the future employers of GMIT graduates. GMIT (or GMIT students have) has signed internship contracts and various other cooperation agreements with more than 30 companies and professional associations, e.g. 
Non-governmental Partner
• Mongolian Association of Environmental Professionals
• Mongolian Mineral Processing Association
• Mongolian Mining Association