Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics, Computer and Natural Sciences
Position: Program Coordinator 'Industrial Engineering' / Professor of Economics and Management
E-Mail: enkhzaya@gmit.edu.mn

Since 2019   
Professor of Economics and Management at the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT)
2000 – 2019
Independent Analyst and Consultant, for example:
  • Strategic and project management in business sector: senior strategist and project manager, business developer and communications expert for Mongolian and international companies in geo-science, mining, manufacturing and trade. 
  • Institutional and organisational development in tertiary education sector senior advisor for the GIZ’s German-Mongolian Institute for Technology (GMIT) Program starting with the initial phase of a feasibility study through all stages of concept development, design, founding, setting-up and organisational development.  
  • Governance and institutional change in mining: consultant for extractive sector governance and institutional development at the World Bank Country Office Mongolia.
  • Capability and organisational development in non-profit sector: senior adviser in human capacity and institutional development of mining and environmental NGOs of Mongolia at the Asia Foundation.
  • Capacity development and capability in public sector: adviser for capacity development and international cooperation to the chairman of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia (MRPAM), the implementing agency of the Government of Mongolia. 
1994 – 2005   
Researcher and teacher: 
  • Research on economic and social transition: researcher fellow and independent analyst for government organisations like the European Parliament, private companies such as the Deutsche Bank Research as well as for international organisations like the UNDP, GTZ, KfW etc. on economies in transition, their financial systems and institutional development. 
  • Research and teaching on institutional issues of banking systems: teacher for German studies at the National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, and Research associate at the TU Dresden, Faculty for Business and Economics, Germany.

  • Banking systems and behaviour of bankers in emerging markets of Eastern Europe
  • Industrial psychology and decision making in economies in transition
  • Mining and human development
  • Operational management of selected Mongolian companies
  • Economic feasibility of rear earth deposits in Western part of Mongolia
  • Stakeholders engagement in mining
  • Mineral policy and mining governance
  • Institutional change: human and institutional factors of economic development based on natural resources
  • Analysis, design of organisational development and institutional strengthening programs for organisations and communities
Seminars, tutorials, lectures, study and research tours, study projects and supervision of diploma and master thesis at the National University of Mongolia, the Dresden University of Technology and the German-Mongolian Institute for Technology in:
  • German language, German culture, Germany’s economic and socio-political development
  • Banking systems in emerging markets
  • Institutional economics and decision making
  • Industrial psychology and decision making
  • Organisational behaviour and management
  • Human factors in development of organisations, communities and societies

  • Zur institutionenökonomischen Begründung der Bankenregulierung Dresdner Beiträge zur Volkswirtschaftslehre,Dresdner Beiträge zur Volkswirtschaftslehre – 1999
  • Institutional Changes in Economies in Transition and Stability of the Banking System, in: Financial Structure and Stability, - Heidelberg, New York 2000, pages 174—183
  • Impact of Institutions on Lending: Informal Constraints and Enforcement of Bank Regulation in Mongolia, Dissertation, DUV Springer Science and Business Media, Wiesbaden 2006
  • Informal Mining and Human Development, UNDP background paper to the Human Development Report of Mongolia, UNO, New-York 2010
  • Mongolia: A Country of Dilemmas? Exploratory paper on natural resource revenue management of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 2012

Discussion Papers and Talks
  • “Paradox of income distribution – some thought on current mining situation”, MRPAM Newsletter, Ulaanbaatar 2007
  • “Private sector role and development in Mongolia – Reflections on current debate” Ulaanbaatar, MRPAM Newsletter, Ulaanbaatar 2008
  • “What counts in mining: contribution to the current discussion on mining development in Mongolia”, MNB, Ulaanbaatar 2008
  • “How I got to know Mongolia better in Germany” in the MONGOLICA, Magazine of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ulaanbaatar 2010
  • Citizens as decision makers? Some Thoughts on the Status of the Citizens’ Engagement Mechanisms, Ulaanbaatar 2011
  • Civic Society as Stakeholder: Some Thoughts on the Human Factors of Mining-Led Development, Ulaanbaatar 2012
  • Mongolia: Challenges of Building Engagement, article for the SRMINING, The First International Seminar for Social Responsibility in Mining, Ulaanbaatar 2011 
  • Emergence of Entrepreneurship in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 2018

Doctorate in Economics (Dr.rer.pol.) from the Dresden University of Technology in Germany; Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD
Doctoral thesis deals with the informal “rules of the game” or so-called informal institutions which canalize actions of decision makers: e.g. mindsets and mental models such as the mindset of hard budget constraint, risk attitude, paying habit etc. By forming incentive structures and determining individual choices, (informal) institutions have a great impact on the allocation of resources, thus on economic and management performance.
Diploma in International Relations from the National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar with Major in German studies and Minor in International Economics