“Education and Technology” Teachers' Symposium was successfully organized in Khovd

The VIII Teachers' Symposium “Education and Technology” was successfully held in Khovd city, Khovd Province on October 9, 2021 in a hybrid online/offline. The main organizer of the symposium was the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology, and the co-organizers were the Department of Education of Khovd Province and Khovd University.

The symposium was attended by teachers of secondary schools and professors of universities from the western rural areas and central areas. The symposium, which highlighted distance learning and technology solutions in the pandemic situation (COVID-19), began with a plenary session, followed by workshops for lecturers of Mathematics, Natural sciences, and English.

In the first part of the plenary session, B.Ganbat, Professor of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (NUM), introduced the possibility of providing equal education to students based on his research methodology. Moreover, Professor D.Ulam-Orgikh, Dean for Faculty of Physics (NUM), introduced the e-learning and the best practices of other lecturers of NUM.

In addition, Prof. Dr. L.Altangerel, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the GMIT, shared his experience of methodology and teachers’ development, while D.Batnasan, a specialist of Department of Education (Khovd Province), and G.Purevchuluun, a teacher of Khovd University High School, shared their experiences on e-learning. At the end of the plenary session, T.Buyandelger, a lecturer of Mathematics at Khovd University, presented a report on the development of a management information system for higher education institutions.

In the discussion sessions, the results, significance, and conclusions were presented at the end of the conference  in line with Mathematics, Science, and English subjects’.