Job Vacancies

The quality of GMIT is determined by the quality of our human resources capacity, and their creative and professional activities. Thus, we aims to attract, retain, and develop professionals of exceptional quality who are committed to the sustainable development of GMIT, and to support them in ways that allow them to achieve their highest potential. It starts with recruitment and hiring that strengthens the university’s capability in teaching, research and administrative activities, thus creating a critical nucleus for strong leadership for today and the future.

Our Recruitment process:
We ensure fair and transparent recruitment practices. All applicants are provided with equal opportunities and fair treatment. Our recruitment process begins with a position being identified and defined under strategical plan. Positions are announced on our website, on social media (linkedIn and facebook), on national / internationalonline job portals and in newspapers. Once the application deadline has passed, we initially screen all applications in accordance with the following process:
  • Job applications are screened against the selection criteria as described in the announcement;
  • Applicants who pass the selection criteria will be invited to interview;
  • References from previous employers will be checked;
  • Job interviews will be conducted by the Selection Committee. The selection committee comprises three or more members. One of the is our Diversity Liaison Officer.

Please have a look on our current vacancy announcements: