Anujin Munkhnasan, a junior student was awarded by SUSI for Women’s Leadership scholarship

Anujin Munkhnasan, a junior student of the Raw Material and Process Engineering Program of the German- Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology, was awarded a scholarship for Study of the U.S. Institutes for Women’s Leadership (SUSI for Women’s Leadership).

The scholarship is a five to six-week full scholarship summer academic program for undergraduate female students. Hosted by U.S. academic institutions throughout the United States, the SUSI for Women’s Leadership program is designed to engage young women from across the globe in emerging issues of the day and cultivate their leadership skills and inspire them to more community service and involvement.

The program takes place during the summer break of universities, mostly between June and August. The program is announced once annually and funds three to four students each year. Congratulations to Anujin Munkhnasan for awarding by the prestigious scholarship!