Student Council & Alumni Network

GMIT Student Council (SC) was officially founded in 2016. Currently, the Student Council is run buy nine members, and has its office at room 311 (GMIT main building). It's main purpose is to protect students’ rights and to support students to become future leaders who are persistent and responsible. The SC members are elected each semester based on votes by GMIT students; the elected members work in the Student Council for two semesters. Each member has a clear defined position with related responsibilities in the council. 

1. President,  Baigali.Lkh
  • lead all meetings and act as a facilitator during discussion
  • maintain frequent contact with faculty and administration
  • work on all planning within organizing events etc
  • conduct and participate in student council sponsored activities/events  
2. Vice president, Tuguldur Bayaraa
  • work with president and treasurer in preparing calendar and budget  
  • work on club activity related problems 
  • give advice to the student council’s activities  
3. Treasurer, Enkhsanaa. B
  • oversee the financial administration of the SC
  • explain all budget to members 
  • report the consumptions  
  • advise on fundraising (coffee corner)  
4.Secretary, Yesugen. O
  • keep an account of minutes at every meeting   
  • keep an accurate account of attendance at every meeting  
  • help maintain student council files  
  • write report of student council sponsored activities/events 
5. Representative, Khongorzul.B 
  • improve products that come out from coffee corner  
  • engage customers and listen to their thoughts  
  • follow after coffee corner finance and monthly report to SC  
6. Administrator, Belgutei.O 
  • inform students and staff about upcoming events regularly  
  • maintain Facebook and Gmail accounts of Student Council  
  • take survey when necessary  
  • inform student council members meeting date
7.  Information Consolidator, Molor.B
  • archive all files and reports of SC activity
  • merge, organize and storage all online files of SC 
8. Public Relations,  Tuguldur Bayartsengel​ 
  • manage the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public 
  • create and manage events (event manager)  
  • receive any matter of complaints and suggestions from dormitory   
  • attend in HUB conferences 

Alumni Network:

At GMIT, the education experience does not end at commencement ceremonies. The GMIT Alumni NGO offers several ways to connect with other alumni members and with GMIT staff and students. The alumni network offers Annual Meetings and other intercultural events, as well as career talks and support via the Career Service of the Academic and Student Affairs Department. Our alumni are also involved in GMIT’s curriculum workshops by providing important information according up-to-date industry demand.

The GMIT Alumni NGO is a non-profit organization established by and for GMIT alumni. It’s chaired by Sainsanaa.A (class of 2018).