The German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT) is divided into three Faculties, each with powerful reputations for teaching and research success. Our Faculties are committed to sharing the activity and benefits of Higher Education and Research with the wider community in Mongolia. Therefore, we carry-out a wide range of activities, reflecting the strong public interest in our work (e.g. GLEAR project), to inspire the next generation of engineers.
Faculty of Engineering:
The Engineering Faculty of the GMIT established to produce engineering graduates with both a strong base of technical knowledge and the complementary skills needed to be successful professional engineers in the world. 
The Faculty provides engineering knowledge, problem-solving abilities, professional skills, and practice to young researchers and students. We offer engineering modules from the following bachelor programs:
  • (B.Sc) Raw material and Processing Engineering
  • (B.Sc) Environmental Engineering
  • (B.Sc) Mechanical Engineering
  • (B.Sc) Energy and Electrical Engineering
  • (B.Sc) Mechatronic Engineering
We are also responsible for the operation of the Raw material and Processing Engineering Laboratory, the Environmental Engineering Laboratory, and the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. Additionally, we are actively working on developing the study and research base of GMIT.
On the framework of the practice-oriented engineering program, the Faculty regularly conducts industrial excursions and long-term internships for students. These allow students to learn closer to the work environment and graduate as highly skilled engineers with a combination of theory and practice.
Furthermore, GMIT is closely cooperating with industry and business enterprises. As this cooperation, the Faculty of Engineering organizes the industry day annually to support our interns, students, and graduates to find their future employers.

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer, and Natural Sciences:

The Faculty of Mathematics, Computer, and Natural Sciences (FMNCS) educates students in Basic Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences through a modern academic tutoring system and possesses professional and modern laboratories equipped with a new generation equipment. Our faculty put a strong emphasis on research and collaborate closely with other universities and industry partners.

Language and Didactic Center:

The Language and Didactic Center (LDC) at GMIT is responsible for providing students and university staff with a number of courses and services related to languages and didactics. One core offering is English language instruction so that students can study successfully in English. Depending on their level, students take general language courses at a B2 or C1 level to ensure that they have the right language level to complete their study programs. After passing the C1 level exam, students are given further English language training that is related to their studies, e.g. technical English or academic writing. In addition, the LDC also provides students the opportunity to learn German up to a B1/B2 level, to improve their academic Mongolian and to gain further key competencies through courses in intercultural communication, business English or history. Tutoring and online materials are available to students so that they can continue to learn outside of the classroom. The LDC is also responsible for ensuring the high quality of its teaching. To that end, it offers its staff regular English language classes and didactic workshops on a number of topics.