Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
Position:  Lecturer in Mathematics

Since  2017     
Lecturer in Mathematics, German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT)
2016 – 2017     
Research and Teaching Assistant, German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT)
2015 – 2016   
Researcher, Institute for LogDynamic, International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics at the University of Bremen, Germany
2014 – 2015     
Assistant, Faculty of Information and Computer science, National University of Mongolia
2013 – 2014   
Associate Economics, Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of Mongolia

  • Process Optimization of Copper Leaching in Achit Ikht Plant, Strategic Development Fund of GMIT and Achit Ikht LLC, 2018-2019
  • Statistic
  • Applied life insurance
  • Linear algebra
  • Numerics
  • Production and Process simulation


  • Dorjsundui, G & Jürgen, P (2016).  “Advantage of interest rate cap”, Economical Research for Mongolian situation conference proceeding, Mongolia. 
  • Dorjsundui, G Jürgen, P & Tserenbat, O (2016). “Communication and control of Energy-grid”, Khurel-Togoot conference proceeding, Mongolia.  
  • Sundari, E and Dorjsundui, G and Ingrid, R and Jürgen, P (2016) . “Communication and Control of a Demonstrator of an Energy-Grid Prototype”. Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Sustainability and Green Technology. 
  • Dorjsundui, G & Battulga, G (2015). “Mongolian EEC data’s hierarchical Bayesian analysis”, NUM proceeding, Mongolia.
  • Dorjsundui, G & Battur, G (2014). “Non-convex Nash Equilibrium and Monopoly market example”, NUM proceeding, Mongolia

M.Sc. in Statistic, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, National University of Mongolia
B.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling of Economics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, National University of Mongolia