Research Projects

GMIT strives to become a leading research university in Mongolia that is widely recognized for applied and interdisciplinary research in engineering and related sciences. As a young state-owned university, GMIT aims to become a role model for integrating research and education in Mongolia. Students are actively involved in research projects and can even apply for their own small grants. 

Research Topics:
Research at GMIT focuses on applied topics that are relevant for the sustainable social and economic development of Mongolia and neighboring regions. Current topics of GMIT include but are not limited to the following:
  • Sustainable mining and processing of raw materials
  • Innovative technologies for the raw materials sector
  • Environmental legacies and their remediation
  • Protection of abiotic resources (water, air, soil)
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Economics of the raw material sector
  • Physical and chemical processes relevant for the raw materials sector and environmental protection
  • Development of mathematical models and IT tools
Research Cooperation:
GMIT cooperates with partners in industry, civil society and research both in Mongolia and internationally. In the recent past, joint research projects were implemented with several Mongolian universities, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, the mining sector and various state authorities and NGOs. On the German side, joint research has been conducted with GMIT's partner universities including RWTH Aachen, TU Freiberg and BTU Cottbus. In the future, GMIT aims at building an international research network that includes some of the world's leading universities and research organizations. 
GMIT welcomes expressions of interest for research cooperation from  national and international partners.     

Research Infrastructure:
GMIT currently operates several multipurpose laboratories for teaching and research in chemistry, physics, material sciences, raw materials, environmental monitoring and computing. Through agreements with partner institutions in Mongolia and Germany, GMIT has access to additional lab infrastructures. In the future, state-of-the art laboratories will be established in GMIT's new multi-purpose building. 

Strategic Research Development Fund:
The Strategic Research Development Fund, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) via the GIZ currently (until 2022) provides scientists and students at GMIT the unique opportunity to apply for applied research projects, preferably with local implementation partners in Mongolia. 
In a pilot phase from 2017 to 2019, SRDF supported 5 projects by students and  staff  members which were selected from a much wider range of proposals. The funded projects covered a wide range of topics – e.g. process optimization in a copper mine, gold leaching techniques, backfilling of former mines with various ashes,  smart sensors for electric motors, and wastewater treatment. A second batch of projects is expected to start during the 2019/20 academic year.