Faculty: Language and Didactic Center
Position: Senior Lecturer in English Language

Since 2014       
Senior Lecturer in English Language, German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT)
1977 – 2014      
Senior Lecturer, Department of British and American Studies, School of Foreign Languages and Culture, National University of Mongolia


  • Teaching English (integrated and non-integrated 4 skills, at beginners-levels at BA and MA)
  • Lecturing on Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, Learning Principles
  • Interpreting and introduction course to Area Studies
  • Reviewing and developing new curricula for B.A and M.A in accordance with the departmental profile changes
  • Teaching and Lecturing Mongolian to foreign nationals and special interest groups in Mongolia
  • Projects and Interpreting, Mongolia-UNESCO, WHO, TACIS, UNDP, UNICEF, FAO, World Bank, ADB, national and international companies (since 1977) 

  • S. Uranchimeg, 2014: Advanced Vocabulary Instruction in EFL, in: International Scientific conference “New Researches on Language and Culture and Educational Studies”, p. 57, 2014
  • S. Uranchimeg, 1983: Spoken skill assessment and evaluation criteria, National University of Mongolia
  • S. Uranchimeg, 1983: Comparison of some English-Mongolian sentence constructions, English-Mongolian Society Journal, XII, VIII No 1,2, p. 48 – 51

M.A. in Pedagogics and Applied Linguistics, Department of British, Commonwealth and American Studies, National University of Mongolia
1994 – 1995     
Lecturer at Mongolian Unit, East-Asian Studies Department, Leeds University, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Diploma in Linguistics, Centre of Applied Linguistics, Reading University, United Kingdom
1981 – 2005     
Postgraduate studies
Tertiary Education Diploma, Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, Pyatigorsk, Russia